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CRJB(L 12.35pm Wed 15th May 2019 (1557920149)
So friendly and helpful and very professional at a cost that’s right !! Would defo deal with this dealer again quality assured.
BF 05.11pm Mon 6th May 2019 (1557159086)
Spot on , very good to deal with.
Truck was perfect
C 07.45pm Tue 5th March 2019 (1551815150)
Excellent and tidy truck I got from Perth Commercials, slick and easy correspondence and transaction. Fully serviced and MOT’d for collection with 6 months warranty. Had a wee fuel leak from a corroded fuel pipe after purchase. Since I live in the highlands I was able to take it to my local garage to save a trip down to Perth where it was repaired and Ramsay dealt with them promptly with no hassles. Would highly recommend Perth Commercials for quality service and value for money.
Mr AR 08.43pm Mon 4th March 2019 (1551732205)
Good comms described correctly pleasure to do business with.
C 11.41am Fri 11th January 2019 (1547206860)
Thanks very much for your feedback Richard, your business is very much appreciated. Ramsey
Perth+Commercials+Ltd 01.10pm Thu 28th February 2019 (1551359427)
Friendly & Easy to Deal With
C 09.39am Sat 27th October 2018 (1540629583)
Great customer service.
RE 08.09pm Fri 12th October 2018 (1539371394)
No hard sell, sensible people, time taken to discuss all aspects of the sale. Accurate description of the vehicle purchased. This is the third vehicle we have purchased from Perth Commercials.
C 10.12pm Fri 17th August 2018 (1534540362)
Great customer. Service no haggling about deal for
Mr JD 01.30pm Fri 4th May 2018 (1525437025)
Great, knowledgeable and friendly service throughout my recent vehicle purchase.
IC 01.57pm Fri 27th April 2018 (1524833876)
Mr RB 03.10pm Fri 20th April 2018 (1524233415)
We have recently purchased a Land Rover Defender, the third one which has come from Perth Commercials.
The quality of service is unparalleled, the product is first class and opening times are flexible, which makes viewing the vehicle out of hours a doddle.
We have also sold a couple of Defenders back to Perth Commercials - hassle free sale :)
RM 06.30pm Fri 6th April 2018 (1523035812)
Very positive experience. Had an issue after purchasing and Ramsey immediately sent parts to try and fix it. When this didn’t work, he took it back and quickly resolved the issue. Communication throughout was very good and he kept me informed with exactly what was happening. Very good service and a great guy.
CC 09.46am Fri 6th April 2018 (1523004387)
Outstanding service grate to deal with and fantastic after care highly recommended
Mr RJT 05.05pm Tue 26th December 2017 (1514307915)
Very helpful and knowledgeable. Everything thoroughly explained and executed, an extremely good service.
Mrs EA 12.29am Sat 9th December 2017 (1512779397)
Very friendly family-run dealership. This dealership specializes in Land Rover Defenders and I was able to purchase an original County Station Wagon from them at a fair price. I purchased the vehicle from London and they were very good at communicating with me and the shipping company.
Reve AV 09.09pm Thu 30th November 2017 (1512076151)
Always a pleasure dealing with Ramsay. A sound vehicle, well presented at a reasonable price.
Mr SC 11.16am Sun 24th September 2017 (1506248176)
We were recommended to Perth Commercials by a friend and we thought the way in which they dealt with our purchase and part exchange was very fair and friendly. Very approachable team and attention to detail was very good.
Mr WCC 11.36am Sat 24th June 2017 (1498300563)
There was no problems dealing with this and I would happily go with this dealer again
Mr DC 01.40pm Fri 3rd February 2017 (1486129237)
To put it simply, nothing was too much trouble.
C 07.22pm Tue 11th October 2016 (1476210133)
Service quick efficient and good
Mr DB 08.27pm Sat 23rd April 2016 (1461439626)