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Excellent customer service from TSC Cars, very happy with the vehicle
Mr LH 10.23am Mon 2nd December 2019 (1575282234)
Very enjoyable experience dealing with TSC Cars. Car was well presented and as described. I was accommodated travelling from far away, and various options available for payment and collection of car once the deal was done. Purchase was easy and would happily recommend the lads to anyone.
Mr ND 10.50pm Tue 29th October 2019 (1572389437)
Excellent service from both Bob and Martin.All.paperwork was kindly done on my behalf which included registering a private registration onto the purchased vehicle.Would happily recommend to others and go back again when looking again for another vehicle.
Mr AN 07.56am Fri 21st June 2019 (1561103813)
Very friendly and helpful staff. Good selection of quality used cars at great prices
Mrs CC 08.20am Sun 9th June 2019 (1560068442)
Very friendly guy, great price, made the experience very easy
Miss NC 04.40pm Sat 18th May 2019 (1558197611)
Thoroughly pleasurable experience with TSC Cars. I found Bob and Martyn both very friendly to deal with, and were very helpful in their information. Professional and courteous, and offered to collect me from nearby Birmingham airport when I arrived for collection which was hugely appreciated. Very happy with my new car, well described and fully cleaned inside and out before purchase.
Mr ND 01.01pm Tue 7th May 2019 (1557234066)
Thank you Martin and Bob, I love my beautiful new car. Top class, friendly and efficient service.
Miss EM 10.02am Fri 16th November 2018 (1542362526)
I have been dealing with TSC Cars while buying my used Jaguar..... So far they have been very helpful and straight up!!!!.. friendly, to the point and seem like a very good firm. supplied me with a 2nd spare key. Colin Mansell 10 out of 10 so far guys
Mr CM 02.16pm Fri 26th October 2018 (1540563368)
Whilst the initial buying process was good and straight forward the aftercare leaves a little to be desired. The car has developed a fault with its audio system, the dealer has been quite dismissive and is clear they don't want to even look at the problem. Pushing it onto the RAC warranty which is unlikely to cover the cost of repair or replacement. I'm now potentially left with a very big bill to replace an OEM audio system
Mr SW 02.55pm Mon 26th February 2018 (1519656919)
Very helpful and friendly. Definitely will be going back.
Mrs RK 07.49pm Fri 2nd February 2018 (1517600960)
Every interaction was positive and helpful. No pressure, and answered every question for me. Very pleasant to deal with and straightforward.
Mr MH 06.04pm Fri 12th January 2018 (1515780261)
Mr KA 10.04pm Sat 9th December 2017 (1512857073)
Extremely helpful and great service, would buy from them again
Mr SSC 11.00am Fri 8th December 2017 (1512730835)
No hassle purchase. Nick was fantastic, no pressure to purchase extras.. Explained the finance clearly and what the warranty covered.
Mr IB 11.36am Fri 6th October 2017 (1507289769)
I purchased my Ford Mondeo from Nick and from the first time I contacted TSC cars to completing my purchase I was very impressed.. The car is exactly as He described and is a beautiful car to drive. I traveled over to Holyhead by ferry and Nick had the car delivered to me by a very courteous driver John. From the receptionist to Bob and Mark all staff were helpful and friendly. I first viewed the car online and after a few phone conversations with Nick who I found to be an absolute gent, I made my purchase. I would have no hesitation in returning to TSC cars to purchase a car in the future.
MMSI 06.42pm Sun 27th August 2017 (1503859358)
Excellent service from both the Director and Executive we dealt with in the trade in and purchase of a new car for our Daughter. The Director showed me the trade in values on the computer to support his valuation and the price we paid for the new vehicle was fair. We have an excellent new car for our Daughter and feel extremely satisfied with the whole customer experience.
Mr JB 10.22pm Wed 16th August 2017 (1502922137)
Mrs SK 08.12pm Mon 17th July 2017 (1500322361)
I felt welcomed and the process was very smooth.
Mr AS 11.02am Fri 23rd June 2017 (1498215743)
I've purchased my last two cars from TSC and on both occasions i've found them extremely professional and genuine. They are friendly and make the whole process of buying a car easy with great knowledge. Would recommend them and look forward to using them again when I come to change my car again.
Mr AT 06.31pm Fri 3rd March 2017 (1488565914)
very pleasant environment , No pressure no pushy sales person very helpful. I have already spoken to a couple of friends who in the near future will be looking to change there cars and recommended TSCcars. MY new car I am very very pleased with it.
Mr JF 10.24pm Sun 5th February 2017 (1486333445)
Bob was extremely helpful and a pleasant salesman.
Ms JF 07.21am Sat 4th February 2017 (1486192860)
Mr BW 12.25pm Fri 3rd February 2017 (1486124732)
Nick and bob who we have dealt with are great guys would recommend tsc cars to anyone I have had my last 3 cars from them I never felt pressured into buying a car wonderful guys thank you Mandy knight
Mrs MJK 01.05pm Fri 23rd December 2016 (1482498309)
From start to finish the whole buying process was easy and more importantly friendly and welcoming
Mr SB 10.58am Fri 9th December 2016 (1481281124)
Excellent pain-free purchase of new car and part excahnge of old one.
Mr NC 06.42pm Wed 12th October 2016 (1476297748)
Very friendly
Mrs JG 11.50am Sat 17th September 2016 (1474113012)
excellent customer service !
Miss ED 11.17am Sat 21st May 2016 (1463829477)
To start I asked for the small paint repairs to be carried out prior to delivery, also that the worn front tyres were replaced. The car was delivered and the tyres had been changed, but paint repairs had not been done. The (so called) service manager argued with me that they had been done. after I walked him around the car, he finally agreed that they had not but could do nothing about it, so I made him TSC who agreed that the repairs would be completed at a later date. Still waiting. After he had left I went back to the car and it would not open, they had given me keys to two different cars. I phoned them and they asked me to go to them to change the key, I refused and insisted that they brought the key to me, as I was traveling to Devon the next morning, They brought the key that evening (under protest). After driving to Devon it was noticeable that the wheels were out of balance, I paid for the new tyres to be balanced myself. the ride still did not feel right. I contacted the service manager & explained the problem and agreed that they would replaced the tyres again. I agreed to take the car to them on friday. When I got there I was informed the the service manager was on his day off. Steve one of the sales men asked what the problem was, after I explained what was wrong he test drove the car and said it was fine, I went to Devon a second time (this is the reason I brought the car) The ride was still not right, so today I went to Kwik fit and asked them to balance the other two tyres which were now on the front of the car, It turns out that both wheels are buckled. I will be in touch with them again tomorrow.
Mr WH 03.38pm Sun 20th March 2016 (1458488280)
This is the second car I have purchased from TSC and your sales service and quality of cars for the used car sector is top notch.
Whilst I would have achieved a lot more selling my Freelander privately dealing with a reputable business takes out the risks of private selling
and makes for an easy exchange process.
Your sell prices are well pitched, hence you can see the good rate of stock turn at your Balsall common site.
Mr JR 07.02pm Mon 1st February 2016 (1454353328)
Fantastic service! I phoned up about the car on Friday and it was delivered to me on Tuesday. I was nervous as I hadn't seen or driven the car. I needn't have been as the car was delivered as described in fantastic condition, mot and serviced. I would definitely recommend and would buy again! Thank you.
Mrs CH 06.08pm Tue 5th January 2016 (1452017294)
Customer service was very good. Steve has was very informative, helpful and not pushy at all.
Miss SB 02.50pm Mon 23rd November 2015 (1448290222)
Excellent service from these guys
Mr MP 01.30pm Sun 15th November 2015 (1447594255)
Good range of cars at fair prices. Nick was very helpful making the overall experience good. The only disappointment was the RAC breakdown recovery registration which insisted on taking Credit Card details for auto renewal. This was absolutely wrong especially as I had already paid extra for this benefit. I believe this is nothing short of a scam which has now tainted the RAC brand for me. Nick stated that he would sort this out ~ I am still waiting.
Mrs PB 07.18pm Fri 23rd October 2015 (1445627935)
Professional approach, very efficient. Nice surroundings. Cars are well displayed, clean, fully valeted and ready to go. Highly recommended.
Mr GG 03.44pm Tue 20th October 2015 (1445355881)
Mrs MK 09.43am Fri 9th October 2015 (1444383805)
The staff both prior to and after sales are friendly and professional. I could not fault the service we received.
Mr RP 06.11pm Tue 22nd September 2015 (1442945479)
There was no pressure from the sales guys, just basic information - and I was allowed a solo test drive, which I thought was very trusting, given that I had only left my 16 year old, 243,000 mile Peugeot 306 as security !
Mr RH 08.55pm Wed 16th September 2015 (1442436918)
I brought a 2012 skoda fabia from tsc
Worst experience of my life spending 6500 on a car I thought I would be buying something new and not problematic. The car when I sore it I had to tell them it needed a service indicator light on not hard to work out surely.. They said they would do this the light was taken off the car was not serviced... Had to have it done myself... The front tyres on the car were bald they said they would change these... Bit of a coincidence they lost the locking wheel nut key.. They then told me to get one from skoda they would pay the invoice and do this gave them the benefit of the doubt being a respectable dealer... Went back to get my new tyres on a 80 mile round trip for them to tell me they wasn't going to put them on or foot the bill for the key... When I picked up the car the rear number plate lights didn't work and the rear wiper didn't work motor is faulty when I complained about this the day later they didn't care... So they basically sold me a car that was unroadworthy... There is laquer peal on the front of my car where it has obviously had a bad accident repair.. Just a coincidence they paint cars on there site.. Not only that but they never let me see the logbook of the car I was buying and sent it off without me signing it they filled it in for me so how did they get my signature?? Luckily I did get my logbook through the post off the Dvla with all the wrong details and my name being lee instead of Luke... So I've been driving around in a car that isn't even registered to me... For weeks I've had to send a letter to Dvla explaing this and my logbook haven't heard anything back off them as to yet... Not only this but they have not even given me the spare keys to my car they didn't have them at the time but we're sending them straight to me the day they get them which they recond would be a week... As far as I'm aware they have the keys to my car so can be stolen at anytime as they have my address I really don't understand how u can rate people like this I now have had to buy security cameras for my house and park my car infront of others blocking it in so it doesn't go missing I have been a member of the rac for years but these people are now giving you a bad name and reputation...
Many thanks luke
Mr LT 07.43am Thu 3rd September 2015 (1441266185)
Very helpful, honest and friendly service. Made buying a car a smooth and stress free experience
Mrs MC 10.56pm Sat 15th August 2015 (1439679408)
The car was attractive in both price and condition; the salesman polite and efficient.
But there was over a week's delay before the service history and spare key was sent to me.
Mr MG 03.31pm Wed 5th August 2015 (1438788704)
Good customer service, always happy to help. Do feel the additional cost of £99 was unnecessary for warranty. This should be included in there screen price, may get more custom as this may have put people off before..
Mr JB 10.24pm Mon 3rd August 2015 (1438640683)
The whole experience of purchasing a car was horrendous.
From the initial first impression of the company to the very end where the sale fell through.
Customer Service is definitely not prioritised here.
Mr DH 01.30pm Thu 4th June 2015 (1433424635)
As a family run business we pride ourselves on our level of service and the quality and presentation of our cars, so naturally we were very surprised, disappointed and upset to read this unjustified customers review. This particular customer came to view one of our cars having been recommended to visit us by one of our existing customers. He came to view 2 cars we had and decided to test drive them both, on his return he was more than happy with one and to leave a deposit to secure it. There were a few light marks on this black car, after all it was 5 years old which we said we would try to improve, we actually machine polished the whole car and also arranged to have some reverse sensors fitted for him. On the day of collection the customer arrived with an extremely aggressive friend who's behaviour we found totally unacceptable, no matter what was said or offered to resolve matters amicably on our side it was never going to be good enough for this individual. We refunded the customers full deposit after having our car off sale for a week and incurred the cost of the parking sensors. We have since sold this car and I can sincerely report the new owner is over the moon with it.
TSC Cars, Coventry 01.46pm Wed 15th July 2015 (1436967988)
Very pleasec with the car have been on a ttip of 100 .miles. Thid is the second car I have bought from them
Mr JL 10.28am Wed 20th May 2015 (1432117701)
Very friendly and professional service and excellent value for money, I highly recommend TSC Cars
Mr SA 09.54pm Sat 25th April 2015 (1429998840)
Excellent customer services... Full of patience and non pressured approach to car sales. A breath of fresh air
Mr AT 07.04pm Tue 31st March 2015 (1427828680)
Very friendly and nice easy quick service.
Miss KB 09.57am Tue 31st March 2015 (1427795874)