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Topnotch sale team really good and very friendly service, and a good knowledge of the car we had purchased highly recommend.
Mrs BJ 12.43pm Fri 11th January 2019 (1547210585)
Very positive and efficient
Mr PA 11.22am Fri 9th November 2018 (1541762564)
A professional and we'll delivered service throughout.
Ms JN 12.32pm Fri 28th September 2018 (1538134374)
Mrs MK 11.22am Fri 28th September 2018 (1538130120)
mainly positive but i went back to the dealer as i took the wheels off to check the brakes as one was binding slightly in my view the brakes had enough friction material left to pass mot and the discs had a lot of rust and will need replacing before next mot the rear brakes were the same when i went back to the dealer about this the salesman said the boss was away but he would tell him when he got back this was over 2 weeks ago and i have heard nothing since i think as we paid a high price for the car compared to others of that age that they could at least have put new brake shoes pads and discs on it would not have cost them that much seing as how the salesman put so much emphasis on customer satisfaction and word of mouth reccomendations when we bought the car it seems just another garage where once they have the money they do nothing about customer s problems
regards mike dorsett
Mrs LD 10.38am Sun 23rd September 2018 (1537695506)
Dear Mr & Mrs Dorsett, Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, as we discussed when you came in our aim is to try to make sure that any wear and tear items on the vehicles have a year's reasonable usage left in them, we would have been very happy to look at the binding brake for you but I believe you had already sorted this yourself before you came in. As we price our cars based directly on what they have cost us to prepare anything extra we had spent on new brakes would have directly increased the price we sold it for, therefore we chose not to change them in this instance as we think they should last the year and we wanted to keep the price of the car as low as possible
New Forest Cars 04.18pm Sat 29th September 2018 (1538234286)
Miss LB 07.33pm Fri 7th September 2018 (1536345192)
The car has 60k miles and though old was presented well. It was expensive but I hope will be worth it. We had difficulties with a flat battery on the first day but this was replaced swiftly by the RAC garage and there have been no problems since.
Mr RVDB 02.20pm Sat 1st September 2018 (1535808043)
Wonderful people. Very helpful with al services.
Amazing car, so nice to drive
Miss AL 01.15pm Tue 24th July 2018 (1532434551)
very friendly, car presented in immaculate condition, problem sorted after discussion, very Pleased!!!
Mr FW 10.29am Fri 8th June 2018 (1528450183)
Mr JW 10.23am Fri 6th April 2018 (1523006629)
Mrs LM 01.44pm Fri 16th March 2018 (1521207858)
Good service
Mr DT 06.31pm Fri 9th March 2018 (1520620291)
very helpful and considerate staff.
Mrs GB 02.46pm Fri 9th March 2018 (1520606793)
Very helpful, honest and would highly recommend
Mr SC 06.42pm Sun 18th February 2018 (1518979335)
The whole experience was pressure free and clockwork smooth.The team were friendly,informative,helpful and the vehicle was immaculately presented.Top stuff all round.10/10.
Mr PA 10.53am Sat 10th February 2018 (1518260004)
The buying experience was pleasant enough but the after sales care was non existent. The vehicle had a fault which was there at the time of the sale and they were probably aware of it hoping that it would be insured but it was not.,
Mr DW 10.19am Wed 7th February 2018 (1517998755)
Dear Mr Weston,
I am very sorry that you have experienced this problem with your car, due to the level of preparation we do, following the RAC approved standard a car never goes on sale here with a known problem. As we hadn’t heard from you for several months after you bought the car we assumed that everything was fine and you were happy with your purchase.
I’m also sorry that the repair in this instance was not covered under the warranty, it is the nature of used cars that not everything can always be covered particularly some internal equipment like Sat-Nav's, on the rare occasion that a customer experiences a problem it is generally dealt with under the warranty unfortunately this was one of the rare instances that it was not.
Kind Regards
New Forest Cars 02.25pm Thu 8th February 2018 (1518099922)
Good service good customer relations
Mr NC 04.51pm Fri 2nd February 2018 (1517590293)
Very helpful and supportive. Whole process from choosing car, car exchange, taxing and registering went smoothly.
When had difficulty to start car the next day, battery was changed without any fuss. Would definitely use again
Mrs TW 10.54am Sat 13th January 2018 (1515840850)
Chris and Phil are both very capable and pleasant salesmen. They explained things thoroughly and understood our requirements. There was no question of pressurized selling but allowing us to take our time.
Mrs PR 09.42pm Fri 8th December 2017 (1512769338)
Phil, the proprietor, is a really friendly and professional car dealer who obviously takes great pride in the preparation of the cars he sells. He is more than willing for you to take the vehicle you are interested in purchasing for a test drive. Of course you say. Well, the difference from many dealers is that he prefers you to take it out on your own! This gives you a chance to make up your own mind without any hard sell. As many of you will appreciate this is by no means the norm with dealerships. He was quite willing to take my car in part exchange without undue haggling. When I went to collect the car the taxation had been taken care of for me and his colleague, Chris, was equally courteous and professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending New Forest Cars.
Mr JG 02.46pm Mon 27th November 2017 (1511793984)
Had a great experience at New Forest . Chris was straight forward and informative . We were new to the area, and he made the process very easy! Will highly recommend New Forest !
Mr JL 06.07pm Sat 25th November 2017 (1511633274)
Very professional and genuine service. Wasn’t made to feel stupid for asking lots of questions! Lovely staff, I love my new car!!!
Miss KW 04.29pm Fri 10th November 2017 (1510331393)
Very nice and helpful staff
Mr MB 08.48pm Fri 27th October 2017 (1509133699)
The whole experience was friendly and without pressure (having been with my partner to but a car at a different location I can see the difference). I had a coupe of queries about the car after I purchased it and the team helped me out instantly and without fuss. I would definitely use this dealer again.
Mr IT 10.21am Fri 22nd September 2017 (1506072082)
I am very happy with the whole experience , good service and great price and very helpful staff
Mr MW 06.02pm Fri 15th September 2017 (1505494965)
Excellent service, Knowledge of the trade and a good selection of cars.
Mr CJ 03.45pm Fri 25th August 2017 (1503672337)
Polite, friendly and efficient service.
Mrs RS 09.28am Mon 21st August 2017 (1503304098)
Mrs HB 06.42pm Fri 4th August 2017 (1501868565)
Chris was very helpful and was able to answer all my questions. Offered to put the car through a new MOT to satisfy a few concerns. Very professional and freindly dealer.
Mr AP 04.40am Fri 19th May 2017 (1495165206)
Very helpful and professional in helping me buy the correct car for what I needed. I love my new Car.
Mrs CP 02.33pm Tue 16th May 2017 (1494941635)
Miss GM 10.08pm Fri 7th April 2017 (1491599313)
Mrs DY 05.24pm Fri 17th March 2017 (1489771496)
Very helpful staff.
Mr BR 08.19am Sat 25th February 2017 (1488010746)
I would describe my overall experience as very positive indeed,the owner and two other chaps I dealt with were extremely friendly helpful and efficient.The choice of cars available is always great ( this is the second car I have purchased from them)and the team are honest and clear in their descriptions of the vehicles.The cars are reasonably priced and sold in tidy,clean and serviced condition.
I was greatful that the tax was organised for my collection date so that we could simply get in and drive home.Great to do business with New Forest Cars
Mr SCB 05.36pm Mon 6th February 2017 (1486402610)
Customer service was great and the staff were very helpful and patient with me! Very good experience.
Miss KH 09.39am Fri 2nd December 2016 (1480671597)
Very friendly, professional and helpful.
Miss JF 04.10pm Tue 22nd November 2016 (1479831019)
I part exchanged my Peugeot for a newer model and I am very happy with my new car. There was a minor issue with the radio, but Phil at New Forest Cars addressed the problem immediately. The vehicles here are of good quality, valeted to a very high standard and are reasonably priced. I have bought used cars from dealers before and been "fobbed off" when i returned with a problem but Phil is is a genuine guy who is only too happy to deal with any issues that may arise. A major plus is the backing of RAC, giving peace of mind with 6 months warranty and 12 month breakdown cover. I would certainly recommend New Forest Cars to anyone wishing to buy a used car.
Mrs LM 05.50pm Thu 20th October 2016 (1476982254)
A very approachable salesman. Excellent service and friendly experience. Would visit for another purchase.
Mr SR 07.13pm Mon 1st August 2016 (1470075198)
Excellent service. The salesman was helpful and not at all pushy. Polite service and kind concern that the process would all go smoothly. So reassuring to have a service, MOT and one year RAC breakdown cover at the time of the sale.
Mrs AR 09.01pm Thu 14th April 2016 (1460664072)
Phill from New Forest Cars was brilliant, went through all the paperwork explaining everything that I want to know and needed to know , great service from them just wish other car sales was as good as them
Mr RM 01.43pm Fri 8th April 2016 (1460119392)
Phil Tegg was veery good - didn't try any hard sell - just told us the facts - he was very helpful
Mrs LM 06.26pm Mon 4th April 2016 (1459790801)
Very pleased with service from dealer.Good to know car had 82point check by rac also 6 months parts and labour policy.Would recommend this deal and car sales to other people.
Mr PB 01.50pm Mon 7th March 2016 (1457358625)
Very pleased with service of car dealer.Nice to know car had 6months parts and labour warranty also 82point RAC check.Also 1year breakdown cover.
Mr PB 05.47pm Fri 4th March 2016 (1457113678)
Mainly positive does not do my experience with phil of new forest cars enough. He was courteous and polite and very helpful. Further, the preparation of the car was without fault it was clean and all information was clearly documented by the dealer meaning it was just a case of sorting out the finance and driving away. I cannot think of anyway that I can praise these guys enough; for the workmanship, care and attention, their due diligence - it was all faultless.
Mr IA 09.40pm Sun 13th December 2015 (1450042856)
Phil is a guy who knows his cars, service great from beginning to end!
Ms GM 04.11pm Sun 13th December 2015 (1450023084)
New Forest cars dealer was very professional the car was very clean and more than enough evidence to show that the RAC had completed all safety checks
Mrs LA 10.54am Thu 10th September 2015 (1441878871)
Quality cars and great service everything explained and would recommend to anyone.
Mr DH 09.36am Fri 14th August 2015 (1439541361)
the car developed a problem almost immediately after purchase, the dealer was unable to rectify and unwilling to offer a replacement or refund.
Mr PM 02.30pm Fri 7th August 2015 (1438954225)
Mr Mying,

Firstly I am sorry your initial experience of purchasing a vehicle from New Forest has not been as good as most of our customers experience. You will be aware as an RAC Approved Dealer we undertake an RAC Approved Preparation Check with every car we sell and your Fiat Panda passed this standard with flying colours.

I note you did return to us reporting you felt there was an issue with the vehicle soon after taking delivery and we were keen to check the vehicle over and undertake any repair necessary as is always our intention on the rare occasion we need to.

In all the time we had the car we could not replicate the reported issue with the gearbox though as a precautionary measure we did arrange to use some conditioner and replace the gearbox oil in the hope you would not experience any further concerns.

Furthermore, we did look to offer you a replacement vehicle though the only one we had in stock at the time was a little too much money to be affordable for you.

Since then, having not heard back from you I had hoped you were enjoying the vehicle as was always our wish and intention.

I understand in July RAC have funded a repair to the gear box to the sum of £762 so I assume the vehicle is now operating fully as you would expect.

It is always our intention to make sure we only sell the best prepared quality used cars and this is just one reason we value our relationship with RAC as an Approved Dealer. On the odd occasion something doesn't go to plan our focus shifts to make sure we do all we can to resolve any problem.

I would like to think that although your experience has not been faultless, together between New Forest and the RAC Approved Dealer Network we have moved to ensure all your issues are resolved as best as possible.

If there is anything else we can help you with please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Kind Regards
New Forest Cars 05.00pm Fri 7th August 2015 (1438963239)
Mr TB 09.17am Wed 15th July 2015 (1436948234)
The new dealership was very professional and honest with good support - I would like to recommend Phil and New Forest Cars.
Mr CC 09.56am Wed 27th May 2015 (1432716985)
a professional support service alround
Mr CC 04.37pm Tue 26th May 2015 (1432654632)
Mrs AW 06.01pm Tue 14th April 2015 (1429030871)