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We dealt with Neal at the Westham branch and he was so helpful. He gave us so much information about the car we were interested in and made buying it so easy. Nothing was too much trouble and the customer service was so quick, we took the car for a test drive on the Sunday and all the paperwork was sorted and the car was ours on Wednesday! We will definitely be recommending this branch to others needing a new car.
Mrs JL 07.28pm Wed 12th June 2019 (1560364132)
Great cars, great customer service. Very polite and helpful gentleman. Would definitely use again and recomend to family and friends.
Mr MN 07.03pm Sat 18th May 2019 (1558202635)
Mrs JB 07.42am Thu 4th April 2019 (1554360129)
Mrs TC 11.23am Sat 23rd March 2019 (1553340183)
Great help i had a problem with a leaking windscreen just after i purchased the car, and they replaced it with no quibbles at all. Would highly recommend them.
Mr RP 11.39am Mon 4th March 2019 (1551699568)
Steve was absolutely brilliant showed me all the controls, explained everything clearly, made sure i was happy with everything. Steve even did the road tax for me. Car had new mot and was valeted.
I would recommend them to anyone a wonderful experience thank you
LVP 03.30pm Thu 31st January 2019 (1548948604)
The service we received at the Westham garage was everything we could have hoped for. From the first visit when we were shown the vehicle we were interested in to driving it away, nothing was too much trouble. Neal guided us through the various functions of the car, even making sure the rollator fitted easily into the boot. He then helped my disabled husband find the right seating position in the passenger seat. A test drive confirmed our decision to order the car. When we collected it the following week it was immaculately clean, had extra diesel added and ready for the off! At all times we were treated with the utmost respect and kindness.
MB 08.13pm Mon 5th November 2018 (1541448805)
Recently i visited the Rattle Road sales near Eastbourne as in the market for a replacement car, a salesman wasn`t around at the time so Warren the valeter came over to assist, he was SO helpful i first thought he was head of sales, he could not have been of more assistance & enthusiasm, after some guidance he showed me a car that he had only just finished prepping, i just couldn`t believe this was a used car as it looked immaculate, apparently this had been owned by a doggy person so the inside, prior to his treatment had been shall we say very poor, he then showed me the engine bay which was equally immaculate. The car could have been right up my street apart from the automatic box. I have visited a few forecourts recently, even main dealers don`t turn out cars as well prepped as Warren does, to say the least i was so impressed. When it comes to keeping a car clean i know what i`m looking at. Well done Warren, long may you reside at this location, i`l keep an eye on new car arrivals.
T 04.07pm Thu 30th August 2018 (1535641634)
Steve Lane, brilliant, friendly made you feel welcome and at ease can’t be said for a lot of car dealers! not pushy or overbearing but there for questions and queries when I needed answers
RM 02.25pm Sun 22nd July 2018 (1532265935)
The car. Was ready to drive away. So no waiting. Had been serviced, and ,MOT.
The only thing I am not happy with, is that the car only had one key and I was
not told until I had purchased the car. All used cars should have a spare key.
Mr RT 03.47pm Fri 22nd June 2018 (1529678862)
Over the moon with Steve Lane, very informative, helpful and courteous nothing was any trouble would highly recommend the Sussex Trade Center.
RH 10.49am Sat 9th June 2018 (1528537797)
neal hood who assisted in our purchase was straight, honest and fair. he made us feel very comfortable and happily answered all my questions to assist in my decision making.
Mr LB 02.18pm Fri 8th June 2018 (1528463923)
Mrs JG 10.39am Fri 8th June 2018 (1528450766)
I had been looking at the website and found a car that was a possibility. Quite by chance I was near the Stone Cross site, so decided to make an impromptu visit as I had never been there before.
I must say I was impressed, plenty of cars at a range of prices, all clean and looked in good condition. I found a suitable car and was initially look after by David who took me for a test drive,and then handed over to Steve. The purchase was carried out in a friendly buisnesslike manner with no pressure to buy. Collected te car a few days later after it had been finally prepped ,immaculate. Highly recommended
DD 12.10pm Sun 3rd June 2018 (1528024256)
Really great customer service
Mr TR 03.06pm Fri 20th April 2018 (1524233214)
Agreed a part-exchange deal with Steven and David. Absolutely delighted by the service from beginning to end. All smiles, friendliness and honesty. Nothing was too much trouble for them - we gave them an Easter egg each as a thank you. We'll always go back to them to buy our cars from now on.
JM 07.01pm Thu 29th March 2018 (1522346478)
Found the rear window doesn't demist fully they say it must previously have had a sticker on it which has been removed and damaged the strips disappointed!!!
It doesn't change gear as smoothly as I'm used to I'm told it's my foot pressure im unsure
Mrs LN 11.02am Fri 23rd February 2018 (1519383746)
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Unfortunately it does appear two or three of the bottom elements, so hopefully this will not cause any inconvenience.

Your previous car was fitted with a 'fully automatic' gear box. However the new one has a 'semi automatic' gearbox (as is norm with the majority of later vehicles as they are slightly more economical and reduce emissions and therefore the cost of the road fund licence) which works on the principle of having a manual type gearbox fitted with an 'automatic clutch'. Unfortunately these are not as smooth as the old system but can be driven smoothly by adopting a slightly different throttle technique. If you would like any further assistance we would be very happy to help.
Sussex Trade Centre Ltd 05.00pm Tue 27th February 2018 (1519750852)
David was a very helpful, friendly, non-pushy sales person who made the whole process from selecting a car through to test driving and finally making the decision to purchase the car very simple and stress free.
Mrs EG 09.23pm Sat 17th February 2018 (1518902580)
Very friendly and helpful
Mrs SH 10.57am Fri 9th February 2018 (1518173847)
Friendly positive approach.
Miss AR 06.09pm Fri 2nd February 2018 (1517594951)
The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. Very happy with my new car.
PT 12.35pm Thu 4th January 2018 (1515069338)
Made welcome Steve excellent
Mr MA 08.36pm Sat 23rd December 2017 (1514061412)
The customer service I received from Steve was second to none. He is professional and personable. He went out of his way to ensure I got my car earlier than expected.
Miss DW 07.57am Sat 28th October 2017 (1509173820)
We purchased a car from Sussex Trade Centres 3 months ago. We were very pleased with the service from the start. We came and went 2 or 3 times before making a decision and were not pressured at any point. The staff were honest, knowledgeable and were able answer all of our questions. We had a small niggly problem a few weeks ago and they couldn't have been more helpful to resolve it. Great garage!
D 08.24pm Wed 25th October 2017 (1508959454)
Very friendly and helpful staff
Mrs ST 03.25pm Fri 13th October 2017 (1507904707)
Mr ADN 11.05am Fri 6th October 2017 (1507284321)
Very friendly, helpful, polite, excellent customer service overall plus well kept facilities
Miss VS 07.01pm Sun 1st October 2017 (1506880874)
Great service, Neil was very helpful would use again. So far no problems with the car which was serviced MOT and was spotless when we picked it up. They even got me a spare wheel for it! Thank you Neil.
Mr DC 12.21pm Fri 14th July 2017 (1500031280)
Mr TM 08.55am Sat 25th March 2017 (1490432110)
Miss AC 01.30pm Fri 17th March 2017 (1489757458)
Good buying experience.
Mrs PS 12.06pm Fri 24th February 2017 (1487938016)
Good selection of cars including autos which we were looking for at fair prices and Steve the salesman was Helpful, informative and knew his cue as to when to approach us and when to leave us to it. Top bloke ;-)
Mr AG 11.44am Sat 21st January 2017 (1484999086)
Very helpful and pleasant staff. Good 'after purchase' care, when further help/information needed.
Mr PR 02.43pm Wed 18th January 2017 (1484750622)
Very nice people to help you
Mr KH 09.48am Mon 16th January 2017 (1484560110)
Mr BS 11.15am Fri 13th January 2017 (1484306120)
Very good service and always available for anything and any queries
Mr SC 05.27pm Mon 9th January 2017 (1483982838)
Very helpfull explained all about car was told of service history car was ready on time when we went to pick it up was cleaned and polished
Mr GH 02.30pm Sat 10th December 2016 (1481380226)
Friendly atmosphere. Presentation clean and tidy. Cars presented well.
Mr RW 09.40pm Thu 13th October 2016 (1476391222)
Nice warm and friendly environment.
Mr CC 08.26pm Tue 11th October 2016 (1476214002)
Very pleased with the professional service, help and advice.
Mrs RL 05.25pm Sat 10th September 2016 (1473524712)
nice honest bloke
Mr TA 02.18pm Tue 31st May 2016 (1464700737)
Thay gave me a fair price for my PX,l found them not to be pushy to get a sale ,But thay said thay had given the car I was buying a new M.O.T. But the day after I bought the car the windscreen washers didn't work,when I took the car back it had to have new jets fitted,so I feel the M.O.T was not a true one.
Mr BC 06.48pm Sun 29th May 2016 (1464544124)
Hi Mr Clements,

We would like to thank you for your positive feedback on our staff. We do use independent VOSA MOT testing stations and we are sorry to hear you had a minor problem with the car. We are glad it was rectified quickly and with minimal inconvenience.
Sussex Trade Centre Ltd 10.18am Fri 12th May 2017 (1494580720)
Very positive experience, I didn't feel pressured to make a purchase and after viewing the car several times I was happy to purchase. Steve was very helpful during the sale and gave me all the information required.
Miss CT 05.15pm Mon 18th April 2016 (1460996146)
Steve I found to be an honest person
Mr LS 09.56am Sun 17th April 2016 (1460883415)
Staff were OK but car had a problem with the boot 3 times witch was sorted twice by the dealer. Then a major problem with the engine in the space of two months so with no confidence left I sold the car and got a new one at a lost of £2000
Mr JT 05.53pm Thu 25th February 2016 (1456422834)
It was with regret that you had an issue with your boot lock and your first visit was to the showroom and then we booked with the workshop to try and under take a while you wait repair which then turned out to require a further booking with us this resulted in you needing to leave the car with us for the morning so we could strip the car down to make the necessary adjustments to the boot catch plate which was duly to regards your breakdown after nearly three months again this was most regretfull and i am sorry to hear you lost faith in the car the fault was rectified by having all four diesel injectors being sent to a speciallist to be cleaned and tested again this was all undertaken by the warranty cover we provide with our cars
Sussex Trade Centre Ltd 08.27am Wed 16th March 2016 (1458116860)
Mainly positive on purchase of the car. After i had the car for about a week i made a trip to Wales to see my daughter ,on route i hit a small pot which knocked the tracking out of line slightly,as it was late at night there was nothing i could do until the following morning. Saturday morning i took the car to National tyres in Brecon, asked them to check my tracking which they did and reset it. But they asked me if i would come and look at my tyres as they were very concerned about the side walls of all the tyres were cracked and perishing and could not understand how they passed the MOT tread was good but inner &outer walls perished on all four wheels. I took some pictures and have a vehicle safety inspection report stating tyre condition. I was advised that the tyres could cause a blow out when they get hot, so not wishing to risk the lives of my family and anyone one else i had new tyres fitted On monday i contacted Sussex trade centres spoke to Neal Hood the sales rep that sold the car to me, explained what had happened and told him i was not happy about this his reply was i should have driven back from wales so he could examine the tyres him self because they passed the MOT when i said i was not willing to risk lives by driving on bad tyres over 200 mls he said there was nothing he could or would do. I was totaly disgusted and hung up the phone.
mr RC 08.42pm Tue 14th July 2015 (1436902955)
Dear Mr Curtis we are sorry to hear of the recent problem that you experienced.We are very proud of the standard that we prepare our cars to.Each car that requires an MOT goes to an independent VOSA Testing Station.We hope that your future motoring is trouble free.
Sussex Trade Centre Ltd 03.54pm Thu 16th July 2015 (1437058443)
Really friendly and helpful staff
Miss EJ 04.31pm Wed 17th June 2015 (1434555066)
Sold with an advisory on the limit of bald tyre. Get a beeping sound now and again. Gear changes a little rough.
Mr PU 11.05pm Sun 7th June 2015 (1433714746)
I wasn't pressurised into purchasing a car. The salesman was friendly and helpful. I have since had a problem with the car and so far it has been pleasant and easy to get it sorted.
Mrs ZE 03.13pm Thu 7th May 2015 (1431008036)
I wasn't pressurised into purchasing a car. The salesman was friendly and helpful. I have since had a problem with the car and so far it has been pleasant and easy to get it sorted.
Mrs ZE 03.13pm Thu 7th May 2015 (1431008013)
Mrs SG 01.19pm Tue 28th April 2015 (1430223587)
Good service
Mrs KC 11.04am Wed 18th March 2015 (1426676640)
The staff were very helpful and did their best to make it possible to be able to buy the car.
Mrs MA 10.44pm Sat 14th March 2015 (1426373098)